Veterinary Low Level Laser (VLLL or 3LT)
Erchonia Base Station

Laser UnitHawksView Holistic Pet Care is excited to introduce an innovative, gentle yet powerful therapy - Veterinary Low Level Laser. Using an Erchonia low level laser (5 miliwatts), this therapy is able to increase the energy production of cells (ATP), which stimulates appropriate cell metabolism and repair. With the ability to program specific frequencies into the device, we can actually speak to specific tissues in the body, bringing cells that have “turned off” back on line and in communication with the rest of the body. So long as tissue cells are alive and have not been replaced with scar tissue, there remains the possibility of rehabilitating damaged or misdirected cell function. This opens up an amazing realm of possibility for healing or improving difficult conditions such as arthritis, neurologic problems, wound healing, infections, back and neck pain, and more!

Laser DogThe therapy is non-painful and often relaxing. Unlike the stronger Class IV lasers, no goggles are needed, and the laser does not heat or damage tissue. This more gentle Class III laser is more appropriate for the treatment of nerves and other delicate tissue, yet is equally or more effective for the treatment of pain and inflammation. Therapy usually requires a series of treatments, so a plan
will be discussed.

Low Level Laser has been successfully used for conditions such as chronic joint pain, neck and back pain, muscle strains and tears, tendon and ligament injuries, post-surgical pain, bone fractures, hip dysplasia, feather picking, and degenerative conditions such as navicular syndrome.

Your pet might experience: decreased pain over an area of injury; improved healing of an anterior cruciate ligament tear (ACL tear); improved healing of any other soft tissue injury; increased flexibility of the neck, back or joints; decreased stress and anxiety; improved healing of wounds; better ability to heal damaged cells.

I try to incorporate laser in the therapeutic program of any condition associated with pain, inflammation, scarring, or poor cellular function. Therapy usually consists of a program of 13 sessions, spaced over a 6 week period. Laser therapy costs $25 for each session (plus travel fee if appropriate), an incredible bargain for cutting edge technology that works.

Please call me to find out what Low Level Laser can do for you pet or horse. After talking, we can design an individualized program for your animal.


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