Chiropractic and Body Work

Horse RunningChiropractic and body work are the favorite part of my practice. It is so gratifying to see a pet’s expression change from tense to relaxed, from painful to comfortable. Results are often seen right there in
the exam room.

Who needs chiropractic and body work?
People are often unaware that their pet is having a problem. Is your pet stiff? Having a tough time with stairs or jumping into the car? Back arched? Neck held low and stiff? Painful back? Limping that can’t be diagnosed? A recent fall or accident? Acting grouchy? Stopped playing or stretching? Chiropractic, body work, and cold laser can be part
of the solution.

Performance dogs can benefit in a multitude of ways. From solving problems like unbalanced jumping, reluctance to go up the A-frame, or dropping bars to keeping tuned up to reduce the chance of injuries, regular chiropractic and body work is a part of keeping your performance dog healthy and enjoying his or her sport. Agility, fly ball, lure coursing, dock diving, herding, disc dog, hunting, obedience, or any activity that asks your dog to give his all. Even conformation- your dog needs to travel straight, with energy , style and grace!

Geriatric pets love body work! Body work can allow them to move better, sleep better, interact with the family more, join in family activities, and enjoy life more.

Dog at BeachDon’t forget the cats! If your cat no longer jumps, has to pull himself or herself up on to the couch with the front legs, has stopped playing, walks and trots stiffly rather than with a swing or spring, has an arched back, is grouchy, or even just sleeps more, consider body work and cold laser.

My training in chiropractic was through Options for Animals, and I completed AVCA certification over 15 years ago. Since then, like most practitioners, I have developed my own way of approaching musculoskeletal issues, using a combination of chiropractic, trigger point work, myofascial release, Integrative Manual Therapy, Reiki, and cold laser. Sometimes, especially in very arthritic or painful pets, a light touch is best.

Why don’t you come see me at HawksView Holistic and see what chiropractic and body work might do for your pet? You might be surprised. And your pet might get a lot happier! For those of you with performance dogs, I would be delighted to come out to your training class or practice to give a demonstration or to provide monthly on-site care at special group rates.


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