About Dr. Hawks

Dr. Darren HawksWith 25 years’ experience, Dr. Hawks combines the best of conventional and alternative veterinary medicine. After graduating from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1988, Dr. Hawks became a board-certified specialist in internal medicine. But her path in life led a different direction as she explored how emotions and energetics are linked to disease in the body. The journey continued with certification as a Flower Essence Practitioner (FES), certification by AVCA in animal chiropractic, and initiation as a Reiki Master Teacher.

Dr. Hawks has been using spinal manipulation for over 15 years. With the introduction of Integrative Manual Therapy, low level cold laser, and performance supplements, she has been helping agility, conformation, obedience, and other performance dogs perform better, stay healthy, and decrease the risk of injury. Her work is equally beneficial for geriatric, stiff cats as well as horses.





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