Welcome to the Home of HawksView Holistic Pet Care

Dog Playing FrisbeSpecializing in performance and geriatric dogs, Darren Hawks, DVM offers spinal manipulation, Integrative Manual Therapy, cold laser, and performance supplements for cats, dogs, and horses.

And while performance dogs are the majority of her practice, Dr. Hawks is passionate about horses & cats, and the potential for improved gaits, range of motion, and comfort her work can provide.

Dr. Hawks offers her services through house call, at training facilities, or at trials and shows throughout Northern California, with her home base in the Santa Cruz area. You can find her schedule of trials by clicking the Calendar tab above.

You are invited to explore the website, get your questions answered, and then make an appointment by calling 831.718.7768. Or, just show up at one of the trials or shows on the Calendar. Dr. Hawks is also available to come out to your training facility for a group of dogs or horses.


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